Artists Statement



I opened my studio after I retired from 40 years working in the Art Department in the Community College of Philadelphia..

I work with Terra Cotta Clay in the cone 04, low fire range.

I enjoy making large platters that are from 16 to 24 inches in diameter.

They can be used as both functional objects and/or hung as decoration when not in use.

I consider the work as decorative objects intended to visually enhance their surroundings.

Lately I have been exploring color along with  hand-made, self designed stencils.

It is exciting to see how the designs change from one phase to the next, drawing on the past, experimenting for the future.

The smaller 16" Platters are ideal for the home and office settings. When not in use they can be hung on the wall as a decorative statement.

The larger 22" platters are ideal decorative fixtures in waiting rooms and can be used as center pieces for your table at home.


All are food safe but should be hand washed as I doubt they could fit into a dishwasher anyway. The same for microwave ovens.