Peters Valley Craft Store and Gallery    19 Kuhn Rd.     Layton, NJ 07851-2004

Peters Valley Craft Store and Gallery

19 Kuhn Rd.

 Layton, NJ 07851-2004


Make no mistake - the Peters Valley Craft Store and Gallery sells fine contemporary crafts, not 'cutesy, craftsy' crafts.  They have a range of items, often made by artisans with ties to the non-profit crafts school with which they are associated.  Sales at the store benefit that non-profit, but if you buy something there it won't feel like an act of charity; you'll be purchasing unique, high-quality handmade items.  

The store is in a renovated building within the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation area, in the northwest corner of NJ.  It's a beautiful place for a weekend drive any time of the year, but the store's hours are limited in winter.  There's more activity (and therefore more shopping hours) in spring, summer, and fall.  In December they're open every day.  Parking is very limited--there are 3 or 4 parking spots next to the building, and a few more across the street (which is where the rest rooms are).  On weekends when something else is going on in the area, it can be a bit hard to park.  But it's worth waiting for a spot, or parking somewhere nearby and walking (if you can find space nearby--I'm not sure about street parking within the recreation area).

The main level is the store, which has an assortment of ceramics, glass, jewelry, wearables, photography, wooden items, metalwork, candles, and some printed cards.  The goods are not cheap, but for handmade fine crafts, they're not exorbitant.  Each item is labelled with the name of the craftsperson who made it.  

I've bought jewelry there (for myself and as a gift), and I've bought Christmas ornaments as gifts.  A friend of my winds up buying hand-made pottery every single time he stops there--I don't think he has EVER walked out empty-handed.

Upstairs is a gallery that has curated exhibits of fine crafts, which change seasonally and are also for sale.

Once a year Peters Valley holds an outdoor juried craft market in the fall. It used to be held near the store, but it has outgrown that space and now it's held at the Sussex County Fairgrounds in Augusta, NJ.  Check out… for info on the annual craft fair.  And if you're in northwest NJ, check out the Peters Valley Craft Store--it's definitely worth stopping there. *Yelp! review.